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SORIA, Master of Sacred Universal Information

Reconnect with Universal Knowledge at the Service of Humanity.

As humans living on Earth, you are primarily residents of the solar system that you influence through the range of your thoughts and your actions.

After a long wait to intervene in the intimacy of human conscientiousness, the brotherhoods and especially the Collective Soria propose to restore sacred universal knowledge so as to assist in bringing this Earth and its humanity into the Light of Life, guaranteeing harmony between all the universes, all people residing within all planes of conscientiousness.

Should you wish to enter into the respect of the living world, to better understand your nature, take part in the universal concert so as to be at the service of the Source, the site of SORIA universal knowledge is for you. You will find valuable, universal and sacred teachings from these brotherhoods (Soria Collective and intra terrestrial people) through books, audio CDs, workshops, lectures, messages or other types of transmissions.

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The teachings from the high brotherhoods of the stars are from now on available in this shop. We are presenting you a selection of books, audio CDs, electronic books and audio lectures, which may be downloaded, from the SORIA Collective and the intra-terrestrial peoples.

These transmitted works are true tools for conscientious creative thoughts, looks and sentiments of elevation. They consist of a reference basis now deposited on this planet and in its ether. These data have a long-range seeding in the matrix of new times; we wish you a good study.

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Preparing Tomorrow’s World through the Universal Teaching of the SORIA Collective


Regaining Conscientiousness and Harmony of our Universal Ecosystem

During this rich, intense period, everyone should position itself to respond, certainly to the need of the moment, but equally to the need of tracing a path of light on which we are all able to walk in a respectful fraternal sharing.



Workshops, Lectures & Tranmissions

Savour the Sacred Universal Knowledge
Transmitted by the SORIA Collective

Calendar for Nature’s Days

Nature’s Days   Here are the openings of major effusions for the dense worlds. Mothers, Guiding Spirits, Spirits of Nature and certain animal species are going to broadcast

Praise to Earth

“Praise to Earth” Oh mother Earth, Daughter of divine daughters, My heart sends you Its golden light.